International Student
Innovation Forum 2020
10-12 August 2020 in Kyoto

The International Student Innovation Forum (ISIF) 2020 brings together junior and senior high school students from around the world to engage in hands-on learning and dialogue about their shared future challenges and what they can do to build a better and brighter future. The goal of the forum is to create a consolidated message from the youth to the world. At the forum, students will meet and work with their global peers, learning about their shared challenges and actions they are taking to address them. Through this process, we believe that students can develop their own “compass,” as articulated by the OECD Learning Compass 2030.


Date August 10-12, 2020
Venue Monbou Kaikan, Kyoto Japan
Expected Participants 200 students, 100 teachers and 100 stakeholders from various countries
Organized by Japan Innovative Schools Network (ISN) supported by OECD (Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Organized by Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo
Fukushima University
Official Support (plan) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) and Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (CAO), concerned Embassies to Japan


・Opening / Closing Ceremony
・Cultural Exchange
・Booth Poster Presentation about the project to overcome regional challenges in 2030
・Group Work / Panel discussion about the Future We Want
・”Implications for Teaching & Learning” discussion (for teachers and other adults)
・Optional Sightseeing Tour
As we aim to create a student-centered forum reflecting students’ voices, the contents of the ISIF2020 is discussed and decided by the International Conference Committee (ICC), which consists of diverse members including students and teachers.
ISIF2020 is an initiative of the Japan Innovative Schools Network (ISN) supported by OECD established in 2015 as a successor project to the OECD Tohoku School Project.
In August 2017, ISN organized International Student Innovation Forum 2017 (ISIF’17) in Tokyo with 200 students and 100 teachers from 9 countries where the participating students enjoyed cultural exchanges and appreciated the experience of their voices were heard by peers from around the world. Please refer to the ISIF2017 report for more details.
<br/>About ISN

About ISN

ISN was established on April 14, 2015 to develop and disseminate new education systems for the 21st century through research based on global collaboration and field practices. ISN participating students seek to tackle challenges in their community and region, such as aging, depopulation, environment, refugees and migrants which are anticipated to intensify towards 2030. Over the course of finding solutions to such challenges, students and teachers involve local stakeholders including local prefecture, university, private companies, NGOs etc. In addition, the students collaborate with their peers from other countries, who are aiming to solve similar challenges in their locality. This process is believed to foster competencies suggested in the OECD Learning Compass 2030.
The OECD provides research advice as a support to the project. ISN is a member of the Future of Education and Skills 2030 project led by OECD, and contributes to explore innovative education framework. In August 2017, ISN organized International Student Innovation Forum 2017 (ISIF’17)

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